Simian System 110



The BSI Series 110 Radio Automation System offers considerable cost and time savings against buying the component parts and configuring them yourself.

We offer a fully configured, ready to run system with network configuration and automatic file mirroring all ready to run out-of-the-box. Connect a mixer, microphone and load your music and jingles and you have a radio station ready to create programmes for your transmitters.

Purchasing a pre-configured complete system from BSI is like having your own highly-experienced radio and computer technicians setting everything up for you.

Comprising of one Air and one Production workstation, additional workstations can be easily added to expand your network and can be purchased seperately. The Series 110 is an ideal system for small and medium markets, or for satellite operation (using an optional Trigger Kit and/or Broadcast Tools Audio Switcher).

2 hours of Telephone Training is included with this system, or you may opt for a $500 discount on our famous Simian Bootcamp training at our Oregon facility.

Systems are setup and configured to run ‘out of the box’ by our experienced engineers.

For software, we include our Simian digital automation (Air and Production Mode), BSI Audio Editor software, and Speedy Rapid Rip Fast CD to PC dubbing.

We use only high-quality name brand components and genuine INTEL processors in each custom built system. Our engineers fully configure the systems, including the Networking and audio File Mirroring, so that the System will run right out of the box.

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Hardware Specifications

  • Complete Radio Automation and Playout System With Two Lenovo PCs with 3-year on-site Warranty
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 1 TB Primary hard drive
  • 1 TB Hard Drive Storage for music and content
  • 8 GB RAM
  • ASI 6740 audio card with cables in the On Air computer
  • Time Stretch and Squeeze without changing the pitch in Air Studio
  • ASI 5811 audio card with cables in Production computer


Air computer software

  • Simian Pro Automation Air version software with 1 year Platinum TCP support
  • BSI Audio Editor
  • Speedy, Rapid Rip CD dubbing and automatic tagger
  • BSI Audio Editor

Production computer software

  • Simian Pro Production software
  • Speedy, Rapid Rip CD dubbing and automatic tagger
  • BSI Audio Editor

Optional Extras

    • Simian Gateway for Simian Remote Clients
    • WaveCart Lite, the original on-screen cart machine
    • Stinger, instant sound effects playback
    • Audio Switching Routers (switch between multiple audio sources)
    • 16-input Broadcast Tools GPI-16 Trigger Kit for Air studio
    • Silence Sensor (monitor a satellite or remote input and have your BSI system replace any ‘downtime’)