BSI Info Editor

Professional Information Editing Utility

The BSI Info Editor is our free utility that allows broadcasters to 'tag' information into their audio files.

Information stored in this way stays in the audio file whether sent across a network or by e-mail and is automatically recognised by a wide range of software programs inluding BSI Simian and WaveCart.

Storing information in this way, BSI avoids the need for customers to maintain a database manually and can dynamically update the database, reading new information and files automatically.

This versatile tool allows for more accuracy and shorter file names and works with Linear .wav, MPEG Layer 2, MP3 and ADPCM files.

As well as Artist, Title, Intro and Segue Marker, the BSI Info Editor allows you to add a wide range of additional information including publisher, URL, OutCues, start and end dates plus time windows during which the file should be played.

The utility integrates directly into the Windows shell, allowing you to right-click any audio file and selecting the 'Edit Info' option.

Download BSI Info Editor

Download BSI Info Editor
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