Simian 2.3 LITE

What's New in this version?

Main Features:

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Simian 2.3 LITE is designed for use by Internet Broadcast professionals. Take your webcast to the next level using a professional grade automation system.

Features included in the Simian 2.3 LITE program:

Fully Automated program Log Playback
Import logs from all major third party log generating applications
Create logs from within Simian
Outgoing serial communications (output metadata via COM port to your favorite streaming hardware)
Configurable pass-through mixer
Voice Tracking function for voice-overs
Event Logging to track played items
39 available Automation Macros
Improved CHAIN macro

Streaming Features:

Output song and title data directly to your streaming application via HTTP calls
Built-in metadata formats for popular streaming encoders (includes WME, IceCast, ShoutCast, SimpleCast)
PASSIVE mode supported by FTP macro
Metadata (PAD) output via TCP and/or UDP packets
Data merge 2 user-created HTML or other text based files (Real-Time Demo)

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Simian 2.3 PRO


System Requirements

For peace of mind, we strongly suggest that you consider a fully configured system direct from BSI that is ready to operate out of the box (we can even pre-load a Music Library from our MusicStore for you).

While Simian 2.3 uses no proprietary hardware, just an ordinary Microsoft Windows XP professional® 32bit;, Windows 7 Professional® 32bit or 64bit, Windows 8/8.1® 32bit or 64bit, or Windows 10® 32bit or 64bit; equipped PC, it is very important to have off-the-shelf machines configured and optimized professionally for multimedia performance and long-term reliability.

Purchasing a complete system of hardware and software from BSI means that you benefit from our years of in-house expertise as we carefully select hardware components and then custom configure all the computers we sell for reliable and robust multimedia playout.

These systems are built using Dell computers and include a 3-year On-Site Warranty; or we can customize a 19" Rack Mounted solution for you using carefully selected and tested branded components.

Our recommended hardware platforms are detailed on our computer systems pages. If you are sourcing your own computers & hardware, please ensure that all the hardware is fully compatible with the motherboard - and pay particular attention to memory and cooling.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

We have put together a list of some of the major pitfalls to avoid when building your own system:

For optimum performance, we also recommend that for music-on-hard-drive stations, two PCs be used... one for Air, the other for production. When purchased together and configured correctly, the production license is enabled as a Hot Standby Redundant Backup that can be used for backup Air (as well as production) use, during the validity of your Tech Care Plan. If you do not renew your Tech Care Plan, the play decks will be disabled which will limit usage to basic production duties (including Voice Tracking) only.